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preparing to spend the day on shore. The boats crowded at the foot of the g


angway, and there was a great contention a


he boatmen to secure the patronage of the passengers. Occasionally one of the[Pg 81] men fell into the water, owing to some unguarded movement; but he was soon out again, and clamoring as earnestly as ever. In spite of the excitement and activity, there was the most perfect good-nature. Nobody was inclined to fight with any one else, and all the competitors were entirely friendly. The Chinese made very cl

among the passenge

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ose bargains with the boatmen, and were taken to and from the shore at p


rices which astonished the boys when they


somebody pr

them. The Doctor explained that the tariff for a boat to take one person from ship to shore and back again, including an hour's waiting, was ten cents, with five cents added for every hour beyond one. In the present instance the Chinese passengers bargained to be taken on shore in the morning and back again at night for five cents each, and not more than four of them were to go in one boat. Fred though

oved to be our fri

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t it would require a long time for any of the boatmen to become millionn


aires at this rate. Our travellers were


tery. The

bliged to bargain for their conveyance, as they went ashore in the boat belonging to the hotel where they intended to stay. The runner of the hotel took charge of their baggage and placed it in the boat; and when all was ready, they shook hands with the captain and purser of the steamer, and wished them prosperous voyages in future. Several other passengers went ashore at the same time. Among them was Cap

two had a brief c
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